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Uzirpur Fish Park

For many people in Bangladesh fish farming is an important opportunity to generate income and is a significant nutritional source providing protein-rich food all year round. It comprises of a range of options that can be adapted to suit the needs and capacity of people living in rural Bangladesh. The benefit to low-income farmers is that they are able to invest in fish cultivation when there is sufficient income, which will then be able to generate additional income and food when other sources of income are limited. Following is a table of the 2010 Uzirpur Fish Park harvest in KG by capture and by aquaculture.
  Capture Aquaculture Total
Fish,crustaceans, molluscs, etc. 93,253,346 48,149,792 141,403,138
Aquatic plants 1,305,803 14,789,972 16,095,775
Total 94,559,149 62,939,764 157,498,913