Sunday, July 21, 2019
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Welcome to Pandamic Group

Pandamic Feed Ltd.

Pandamic Feeds Mills has grown in the last decade to cater poultry, cattle and fish farmers in Bangladesh with quality feed at an affordable price. The enterprise has contributed to the overall growth of the poultry industry and has created income-generating activities for millions of rural people. Recently, PANDAMIC has taken a new step to support the people who are in poultry business, by providing veterinary doctors, who in turn, grant sound medical advice and practical solution to areas of poultry health and safety. PANDAMIC Feed Mills uses advanced machineries and produces poultry feed in an automated process. During production, all ingredients of the feed are mixed at a balance rate which is helpful for the growth of the chickens. The ingredients of the feed are maintained through a feed analysis machine, which helps to increase the capability of the hens for laying eggs up to 95%. In 2010, the total production from this mill was 36,342 MT.
To complete the supply chain of poultry and feed mills to support its core competencies in the agro-industry, The company has also formed collaborative arrangements with farmers to provide contract farming for broilers and layers and to include fresh fisheries, production and distribution of chicken, eggs, as well as processed foods, for distribution to both domestic and international markets.