Sunday, July 21, 2019
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Welcome to Pandamic Group

Message from the Chairman


The challenging journey now over 21 year has made Pandamic Group one of the leading and successful private sector in the country. We were pioneering in Bangladesh’s growing and competitive business sector. We believe that it is our passion for service and quality, customer centricity, innovation and value creation and above all our courage and humility distinguish us. As a group of choice and trust. The result of our hard work and the collective wisdom has brought us here, where we are the leading Group in business sector. It ventured on the eve of new millennium and emerged as one of the country’s top-rated companies later on in corporate business era. Words fail to express my gratefulness to the Omniscient.

To acknowledge what the country and society have given to us with highest possible gratitude and as a corporate social business responsibility. We have established Dr. Tamanna Mustafiz Foundation to provide vocational training, basic education for those who have less. So as to bring smile to the non privileged section of the society.